Kynleigh Jimenez

After high school I plan on attending Victoria College my first two years then transferring to Texas State University. Where I plan to major in Education. 
My best memory of high school is my first varsity football game my freshman year. I was one of the two freshman that made varsity and was able to be announced and tumble out.  
One thing I will miss about high school is cheering at Friday Night Lights but most of all I will miss being able to see my best friends every day. 
Dear Juniors,  
My advice to you is to enjoy every moment. Senior year is going to go by faster than you can imagine. Make your last homecoming and prom as memorable as possible. Try new things and be adventurous your last year. Remember to be kind to everyone even your teachers, and finally good luck on your last year! 


Avery Taylor

Hey guys!


I'm Avery Taylor. I plan on going to college at Victoria College and majoring in history and secondary education. One of my favorite memories is being able to perform with the dance team. Whether it was at pep rallies or football games, it was always something I looked forward too. I’m going to miss my friends who aren’t seniors. Being on legacy has allowed me to be friends with every grade so I will definitely miss seeing them every day.   

If I had advice for freshmen, it would be to get involved with whatever you can. The school paper and yearbook helped me break out of my box and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. The sports on campus have open tryouts so just do whatever you can. 


Hayden Zandonatti

My plan after high school is to peruse the study of insects and become a world-famous entomologist and own my own stag beetle.

My best memory of high school was advisory period of my sophomore journalism class.

After I leave, I'm going to miss having so much free time.  

Some advice I would give to incoming freshmen would be for them to get into a habit of doing all the work they get as soon as they get it, also, study in classes you don’t have over a 95 in. 


Sawyer Broughton

Hey yall! I'm Sawyer Broughton.


After high school I plan on attending University of Texas.  I love to meet new people and hang out with all my friends.  after I leave, I am going to miss track meets and hanging out with my team at volleyball practice. 

Some advice I have for underclassman is to always challenge yourself and prepare yourself for the future.  


Brooke Ramos


I plan on going to Victoria Community College for my basics and hopefully transfer to Sam Houston State University. I hope to major in psychology and earn a minor in English.


My best memory of high school would be the time or varsity cheer team travels to Dallas for NCA nationals, even though my sophomore year we kept on getting lost because google maps decided to not work that day. 

What I'm going to miss abut high school is going to see my best friends every day and participating in pep rallies. 

Dear Freshman, 

Here’s my advice to you. Your time in high school is going to fly by. I know everyone is going to tell you that and you're probably going to say “whatever” because that’s what I said. Experience everything, participate in everything, go to homecoming and football games. Be nice to your teachers because they are trying their best. Also don’t forget to have fun! 


Colton Matus

After high school I plan on playing football at Texas Lutheran University while trying to get a Vet Degree. One of my favorite memories would have to be all of the baseball tournaments and staying at different hotels with the whole team. When I graduate, I'm going to miss hanging out with my friends every day.  

Some advice I would have for underclassmen would be to have fun and enjoy every day of high school while it's here. Also, don’t get behind on your work because it’s a pain to try to catch up.  

Angel Hammon

Hi, I'm Angel Hamman! After high school I plan on going to college at VC to become a vet technician. Some of my best memories in high school were when I would basically pass out from screaming the VICTORY chant at pep rallies. It was so much fun to see everyone participate and to see how much school spirit West high school actually had.


I'm going to miss meeting new people every day. After graduation you start to realize that a lot of people are temporary, but the memories will last forever.  

Some advice I would give to underclassmen would be to enjoy every day, because they fly by! Also try not to fall far behind because when you hit senior year you have to do nothing but try your best and get all A’s to try to catch up, while if you stay on top of your work, you can just chill out your senior year. Don’t be hard on your teachers because they are not the reason you are forced to go to school, they are just trying their best to help you to become a successful human being. 

Allison Dentler

Hi I'm Allison Dentler! I'll be attending Texas State University in the fall of 2021, to study fine arts. One of my favorite memories from high school would have to be sneaking into the senior section, with all my friends, when we were sophomores at the pep rallies. I think the thing I will miss the most when I leave is all the support and love this school has given me. 

Some advice I have for oncoming freshmen would be to enjoy high school, these four years of your life will fly by. Get involved in extracurricular activities, it makes school a little less painful. Last but not least enjoy the ride, there are some of the best years of your life! 

Julianna Barrientes

After high school I plan on going to the university of Colorado, to study psychology and American sign language. My favorite memory during high school was not only being able to make history (with band) but being able to watch my friends do what they love to do. 

I'm going to miss hearing the under classmen saying, “I don’t want to go to school,” but always ended up going all week. I will also miss listening to my teachers' irrelevant stories in the middle of class. 

Some advice? Freshman, yes, it's okay to have fun but DO NOT slack your first year. Sophomores and juniors, make it last while you can. Try to get involved in any way you can, it will make your time here worth it. To the seniors! It goes by so fast! Enjoy it, go to all the games, dances, extra stuff, go to parties, be loud, hang out with friends, laugh, and just simply make it the time of your life. 

It's been real! Peace out! 


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