• Rachel Rodriguez

There’s More to it than Cheap Clothes

As more and more media outlets are made each year, faster ways for trends appear with them as well. With that being said, what is trendy one month can be totally out the next. When it comes to fashion, a majority of people want to be wearing the newest styles. The demand for specific clothing will rise and a lot of people are going to want to get their hands on them. But what happens when you are trying to revamp your closet on a budget? You want to buy cheap clothes to get more out of your money. This my friends, is how the fast fashion industry is building its empire.

You may have already heard the term fast fashion many times, but do you know why it is called that or even what it is exactly? Before there was fast fashion, retailers were only putting out new styles to coordinate with the four seasons of the year. This meant production time for the upcoming seasonal clothes was lengthy and ensured the best of quality. However, fast fashion retailers are beginning to push out new “styles” every week. This requires production time for these new clothes to be slim and the supply to be plentiful. The fact that fast fashion retailers are wanting quantity over quality to keep up with fashion demands is where the term “fast fashion” comes from.

Fast fashion can be dated back to the 1980s when the fashion industry hit its peak. Kurt Salmon Associates was formed by the apparel leaders in the U.S. in order to come together to find a solution to the improvement of apparel technology. The outcome became known as the “quick response” where companies would share information for generating the best market response. The “quick response” method is what is used to back fast fashion in terms of shortening the time it takes between design and production. This results in low-cost clothing making customers visit these stores more frequently. This creates fast cycles due to production time being cut from a few months to just a few weeks. The cycles consist of small batches of clothes with lots of variety, fast transportation and rapid prototyping.

The endless variety of clothing styles being put out is what pulls in the customers to purchase more. Especially when some customers want to be seen wearing the latest trends in order to avoid feeling left out. Since companies are producing a variety of styles and putting them all out at once, it makes consumers feel the need to buy more instead of rationalizing what they purchase.

Nobody is perfect and that is especially true when it comes to starting out new habits. With fast fashion taking over it can be hard to distinguish between brands that are doing more harm than good. Take some time to look into what you are buying. If you find yourself buying from these fast fashion brands, do your best to keep your shopping to what you need and not fall into their trap of overbuying. Millions of clothes go to waste every year proving that the large haul of clothes we impulsively buy will somehow find its way to the dump. Even the smallest change or one less purchase from fast fashion companies can begin to make a difference.

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