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The Warriors are Back and Better than Ever

While everyone was on lockdown, many people loved the thought of rushing back into Memorial Stadium to support their local high school teams. Even though no one was completely certain if there was even going to be football games this year, that does not mean that the team stopped preparing for the season.

“Everybody on the team stepped up through this crazy time,” senior Chase Patek said.

Many of the Varsity boys realized that there was a responsibility they needed to uphold. The team stepped up and showed the coaches, as well as other teammates, that no matter the circumstances, they would work hard and try their best against whatever obstacles were thrown their way. After seeing how the boys took charge, other members were motivated to improve and work as a team.

“When we need to be a team, we are a team,” senior Allen Dry says. “Even when life hits us with everything it has, we are a team. We didn’t just build a team; we built a brotherhood.”

Despite the world being on lockdown, the football team continued working just as hard as any other year. The coaches have been able to find ways to continue team workouts, as well as let the boys have a good time. Throughout the summer, the team held early morning workout sessions and met at Elite Fitness to help them prepare for the season.

After having many games pushed back, the 2020 season kicked off Thursday, October 15 against Corpus Christi King. Quarterback Blake Buzzell ended the game with 239 yards passing, 139 yards rushing, as well as helped with four touchdowns. West worked hard and brought home a win, with a final score of 48-27.

“During the game I try to stay as focused as possible,” says Buzzell. “My job is to move the ball down the field and score. I try my best to put the ball in our players hands to give us the best chance of scoring. I trust in my coaches to make the right calls for us to have the best chance at winning.”

The team also won against their cross-town rivals, Victoria East Titans, for the Battle of the Boot, on October 23, 2020. Even though East won the twitter competition for the spirit stick, this made West even more determined to take home the Boot. West won by a land slide with a final score of 50-20.

West did not only bring home the Boot that night, senior, Chase Patek was also named MVP and won a $1,000 cash award.

“Being named MVP was amazing! It was a dream of mine that I have always worked towards,” explained Patek. “It feels surreal to win MVP, but I am more excited that we won the boot! I could not have accomplished it without the support and encouragement of my teammates. It feels great to have both MVP and bringing home the boot being accomplished my senior year! I am thankful that I left my mark on the school,” described Patek when asked how he felt about being named MVP.

From early morning workouts to bringing home the Boot, the coaches are so proud of all that the boys have achieved during this crazy time.

“We are extremely proud of our guys for being resilient all year. Dealing with Covid and the uncertainty of having a season to perform at such a high level is a testament to the character and integrity of all these young men,” expressed Coach Holmes. “As coaches, winning is nice, but you know you've done your job well when young men in your program can not only respond to adversity but thrive like these guys have.”

As the team pushes through the rest of their season, the coaches as well as supporters cannot wait to see how the team improves. With four wins already under their belt the team is determined to finish their season off strong through their last four games. Be sure to go out and support your West Warrior boys!

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