• Rachel Rodriguez

The Rise of Small Businesses

The beginning of the pandemic has been referred to as the “Quarantine Era,” where everyone stayed at home and wondered when our normal lives would be coming back. Once everyone realized that COVID was not going anywhere anytime soon, some people took it as a time to focus on themselves whether it be their fitness goals, starting a small business or just picking up a new hobby in general. The main thing on the rise all over social media is the craze for small businesses.

With the boredom of staying home all the time comes finding ways to cope with it. Picking up or improving hobbies was something that many could agree on. While the hobbies were fulfilling enough, many decided to take the initiative and take them a step further. This is where many of the small businesses that have come about started. This has led to lots of talking about supporting small businesses, especially during the pandemic when it might be some people’s only source of income. When the pandemic first started, many people lost their jobs, and it was extremely difficult to find a new reliable way to make money during these trying times.

With that in mind, these small businesses have helped the owners of them tremendously. Many of these owners are young, making some people question whether they are trustworthy sellers. However, running a small business is not just some easy thing one can put together on a whim. The time and effort put into these businesses should be taken into consideration. The owners behind these businesses truly appreciate every sell. You can even see them on social media talking about how much every sale means to them as opposed to big companies who get tons of orders every day.

Another reason for the “support small businesses” trend is because many are trying to bring awareness about other big corporate companies. Small businesses who sell jewelry products or thrifting businesses are both trying to bring attention to fast fashion industries. Companies like SHEIN, Romwe or Aliexpress are the main companies these small businesses want to warn you about. While yes, they have cheap affordable items on their site, their way of making product is not far from ideal. Since much of the clothing is mass produced for fashion companies, there can be lots of flaws in the clothing or with the environmentally harmful cheap material used.

Many other businesses have made an impact as well. Even just by turning their hobby into a business. Stickers were one of the first things that began to take off in small businesses. The different designs by various artists made each small business that sold them unique. Art as a whole has been really thriving during quarantine, given that many artists have seen this as an opportunity to start back up again or just more ways to get their art out.

Next time you find yourself scrolling through social media, keep an eye out for small businesses and see what they are about. Many times, you might find yourself being interested and who knows maybe your next purchase, no matter how small, will make a small business owners' day. Remember to shop small and support artists!

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