• McKenna Lewis

The Change in Fashion this Winter

Coming into winter, everyone wants to be caught up on the new trends. Around November and December, families go to pumpkin patches, old places, barns, or fields to take pictures. During this festive season, people come out with maroon, burnt orange, yellow and even brown colored clothing.

There are many patterns that are in right now including cheetah prints, plaid, checkered and ripped denim.

One of the most common pattern trends is wearing plaid. Plaid is mainly for winter because during any other season like summer, for example, plaid is not worn, due to the heat. Clothing items like the ones listed can be found in most stores for different prices depending on what you’re interested in. Plaid shirts come in multiple colors along with skirts, pants, bucket hats and blazers.

The cheetah prints have been pretty big since around the 1960’s so many people in the fashion community are excited to see it back. A cheetah print dress is classically paired with black accessories, but it can be used as the accent as well. A monochromatic black, white or tan outfit can be spiced up a little using a cheetah handbag or shoes.

There are many other trends coming back from other eras; mom jeans, scrunchies and chunky shoes are all in style again after their death in the early 2000’s.

Mom jeans are seen in almost every school and all over social media. Mom jeans were all that people wore back in the 1980’s up to the early 2000’s. The straight legged, high waisted pant make the butt and stomach appear to be flatter. It is easy to shop for mom jeans, many fast fashion manufactures have put them back in circulation and they are a common thrift store finds. Many influencers have taken to pairing mom jeans with either a cropped t-shirt or a baggy sweater.

Scrunchies have also been around since the 1980’s and are becoming big again. This elastic is covered in a patterned or fun colored fabric and does not leave creases in your head. The best part of this new fad is how easy it is to partake in it. Scrunchies can be found anywhere from Claires to RUE 21 or can be made at home.

Another 80’s to 90’s comeback is the chunky shoes. Big shoes consist of Filas, “dad sneakers” or Dr. Martens. Though many people criticize this new wave of footwear, many influencers can be seen in these oversized sneakers including, Instagram models and tier 3 celebrities.

Throughout the year, businesses around the world come out with seasonal trends. Cropped blazers are in this business casual style. It gives the cute crop top look while also keeping your arms covered and warm. Paired with anything from high waisted jeans to business slacks a cropped blazer is a must have for anyone in the professional world.

All of these trends or popular styles can be seen anytime, especially during the winter season. Most people often find these looks fresh and are ready to hop on the trend. You can create any of these looks using online resources or looking around in your local shops.

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