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Senior Traditions Put on Pause for Too Long

Senior Year: the last year of adolescence and fun before the stress of college, moving out, being an adult and living alone sets in. For the last few years, the seniors have not been able to experience some of the traditions West’s graduating classes have become accustomed to. From the class of 2020 missing out on prom to the class of 2021 not getting to go to football games, there were a lot of activities that students have been unable to participate in. So as the world began to return to normal, many students thought that they would get to have the senior year that they had watched other classes, before the pandemic, have. Yet, there have been a plethora of opportunities and activities that this year’s seniors were not given.

Starting off the school year back in August, students were given the last minute opportunity to

come up to the school and buy their parking passes. In years prior, seniors were given the option to buy a special pass that allowed them to park in the senior section of the parking lot. This allowed them to leave school faster than other students and guaranteed them a spot. However, this year students were not given that option to buy a special pass and students of other grade levels began parking in the senior lot.

Alongside having to share their parking lot with the lower grades, seniors were also unable to

paint their spots. In years prior seniors could pay an extra $70 to paint their spot in the lot, given that the design was approved by the school before the deadline. However, this year the notion of painting spots was not even brought up with the students, with administration failing to explain why that privilege was taken away.

Although some of the losses to the high school experience were avoidable, some were not. With the fear of COVID still looming above Victoria, the School Board and West administration were faced with many difficult choices, especially those regarding spirit activities.

One of the most devastating spirit activities to be canceled were the game day pep rallies. Instead of gathering in the gym, the West administration opted to do hallway pep rallies. These hallway parades were to be safely watched from the doorway of students' seventh-period classroom as the cheerleaders, Legacy team, drumline, color guard and football team marched from the third to the first floor.

Along with the cancelation of pep rallies, the ruling against a school-sponsored Homecoming

was a massive disappointment to students. Although the parents agreed to host a Homecoming dance, there were still many students unable to attend because it was not a school-sponsored event. Nonetheless, the parent-sponsored Homecoming was a positive way to allow students to partake in high school traditions.

Overall, losing certain activities and traditions to both the pandemic and negligence was

devastating to this year’s graduating class and other students by proxy. Still, this year is looking up, with the Student Council and parents working extremely hard to bring some normalcy and traditions to the students of West High School. But what do you think, is there still work to be done on the administration's end to make the last year of adolescence memorable or are they doing enough?

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