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Geocaching, Modern Day Treasure Hunting

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Have you been finding yourself bored and not knowing what to do with your time lately? Or have you maybe had an itch to explore and be outdoorsy? If you have a thrill for adventure, a phone and some free time, then geocaching may just be the activity for you!

Geocaching is really just a fancy term for a scavenger hunt. It is an activity where you seek out specific locations in your local area; these locations are listed and shown on the Geocaching app. These hidden locations have makeshift treasures for you to find. These treasures are called “geocaches” and they have various things for adventurers to enjoy and explore.

There are many different types of treasures that you can uncover within the stashes. You can exchange trinkets in the cache with something of your own as a fun bonus. These stashes contain various trinkets and usually a notebook for you to sign your name and mark your journey.

The caches’ varying size, shape and level of difficulty creates constant challenges for adventurous explorers to undertake. There are even caches for those who have no experience in treasure hunting to find and enjoy themselves with.

One of the most appealing parts about geocaching is, unlike other outdoor activities such as fishing or camping, it is very cost efficient! All you need is a device with a GPS on it, such as your phone, and an account on their website to go on an adventure!

Geocaching is also a great way to see sights you may not see normally or discover places that you usually would not visit. This is a great way to find hole in the wall places to hang out! If you are a competitive person, the website also allows you to keep track of all the things you have discovered, allowing you to catalogue all your adventures and compare with others.

People who geocache through this app are able to find others in their area who share similar interests too. If you have been wanting to make more friends who share a love for adventuring and the great outdoors, then this app is definitely a must to install. You will be able to connect with those in your community and be able to find fun new things while doing so!

Overall, geocaching is a fun activity that can help one stay active and go on an adventure. If that sounds like something you are interested in, it is for sure worth it to spend an afternoon geocaching!

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