• Hayden Zandonatti

Custom Vans

One thing about Vans is that it is a name known by all relatively well, their branding is more catered toward a crowd who is all about getting out there, more specifically skaters. I however am not a skater; I am a high school student with a self-proclaimed average sense of fashion. My Vans are a customized pair that I made on their website, which has a large variation of designs for each part of the shoe from top to bottom, you can even choose different colors for the laces. Vans’ website itself is fairly easy to navigate, the process of customizing your own pair of shoes is very satisfying. The prices of the shoes are reasonable with a starting price of $75 for a basic pair of customs. Receiving them did not take long considering the popularity of the product and I got my pair of customs within three weeks. I could not have been happier because upon receiving them, they came in a really nice box with a shoe bag to put them in, which is super nice to have when traveling.

Another redeeming quality of Vans’ customs is their unique fit and comfort. Vans’ shoes are commonly known for not fitting the same as say a pair of tennis shoes because of course they were made for skaters, so they are slenderer and narrower in shape than your common shoe. For example, I wear a size 10 Nike running shoe, whereas I wear a size 11 for my pair of Vans. Changing topic into the comfiness of the shoe, you can get their Comfy Cush padding in the sides and sole of the shoe for an extra $15 and let me tell you as being a flat-footed individual, comfort goes a long way. A lot of the time I forget that I am wearing my shoes, it feels like every step that I take never even happened. Sometimes I will be walking to my next class and forget how I got there because it did not feel like I moved an inch in these shoes. However, an issue with the padding is that it is not very durable, I have only had this pair of shoes for one and a half years and the padding is already folding up, so while being effective in terms of comfort, the padding still has room for improvement. Looking into the next aspect of my Vans’ customs is of course, the appearance of them.

Moving forward to what is next to most important is the matter of appearance, which of course, is viewed differently by everyone. However, my pair of shoes hits a lot of the points and tones that I was looking for. The best thing about the website is that you get to see a picture of what shoes you are applying the various designs to. If wanted, you can change the material of the shoe from its normal canvas to suede, however, this will of course lower the variety present within the category drastically and raise the price by ten dollars. Fortunately, I own a pair of shoes that is covered in some of their suede material, not on my custom pair, but on another pair of Vans. And I can vouch that their suede is okay to mediocre at best, however if you like suede on your shoes they can do that for you. Vans is constantly adding more and more designs to their signature canvas shoes, so if you look on their website and you don’t find anything that suits you now, you can go back to the website within a month or two and see if what you like is available then.

Stepping into my last thoughts about my shoes personally is that I become ecstatic every time I look at them. If you were to ask me whether I would prefer to shop for shoes in person over shopping for shoes online, personally I would say the experience and overall process online is a lot smoother if you already know what you want. I have been wearing my shoes for a year and a half and every time I put them on, I am never disappointed.

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